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Pet Liability Insurance – Vicious Dog Breeds

by Dave Collins on September 10, 2016

Pet Liability Insurance: “Vicious” Dog Breeds

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Pet owners who call Doberman Pinschers, Rottweilers or Pit Bulls family may have experienced prejudiced behaviors directed at themselves or at their dogs. While this can often seem unfair to owners who love every aspect of their canine companions, it has been proven that these breeds have ingrained protective abilities that may make them dangerous to others.

These dog breeds need strong-willed pack leaders, humans who will train them in the  commands and behaviors necessary to live well and safely in the human world. Most owners know this about their breed before purchase and train the dogs as needed, enabling the owners to call the dog off from attack and protect humans from harm.

However, even the best pack leader can experience moments of ill-control with their dogs, especially when children are part of the picture. These breeds often do not respond well to the fast-moving and loud little people who become part of their canine lives, and many accidents have occurred inside and outside of owner’s homes.

Of course, owners of highly-protective dog breeds should do everything possible to ensure the safety of other citizens and pets in their dog’s vicinity. This includes attending training classes, training regularly outside of courses, leashing the dog at all times, crating/kenneling the dog as needed, maintaining the kennel to ensure escape is impossible, keeping the dogs away from children and meek adults, and posting “Beware of Dog” signs. Additionally, the owner should always be aware of the dog’s surroundings and the dog’s temperament in any given situation.

Beyond the proper training, however, owners can protect themselves from liability by purchasing pet liability insurance. In the chance that the dog gets off leash or escapes to attack a person, pet liability insurance can help owners reimburse the attacked person and cover legal fees. This leads to a few questions, though, so let’s take a look.

Doesn’t My Homeowner’s Insurance Cover Pet Liability?


In most cases, homeowner’s insurance does cover general dog bites. However, some companies have started to exclude the vicious breed dogs, like Doberman Pinschers, Rottweilers, Pit Bulls, Akitas and Chow-Chows. In this case, purchasing a policy just for pet liability can financially protect you in a dog attack situation.

Do I Need Pet Liability Insurance if my Dog Ignores Strangers?


This question is twofold. First, dogs that ignore strangers may by avoiding eye contact because of fear or aggression. This can actually be a sign that the dog is more dangerous to strangers than you may think. Pet liability insurance is highly recommended in this case, but your dog may also benefit from socialization training.

Additionally, if the dog ignores strangers but growls at family, the dog may be a danger to those people closest to you. In this case, the dog has often made an unnatural connection to you, and thereby formed a desire to protect you at all costs. Here, the dog may try to attack anyone in the family that is perceived as a threat to you, or anyone who gets too close to you. To protect your own family and friends, pet liability insurance can help you cover fees associated with an attack on your loved ones, but at the same time, you should hire a professional trainer to guide your dog to a more submissive pattern, with you returned to the pack leader position.

Of course, no one wants a dog bite to occur, but unfortunately, we cannot always prevent an attack, especially in the highly spirited dog breeds that we love. If your dog breed is not covered by your current insurance, purchasing pet liability insurance can help you and your family financially recover from an attack.

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