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Low Profile Cable Covers prevent trips and falls

by Dave Collins on December 18, 2016

Sick of tripping over laptop or projector cords? Want to set a good example when delivering safety presentations? Do you rely on masking tape or mistakenly use Cable Protectors as trip prevention devices in pedestrian environments? Cable Protectors are a load bearing device designed to protect cords and cables and have no minimum height or contrast requirements. They are not designed as or intended to be used as a trip prevention device. The threshold for the maximum abrupt change in surface for pedestrian environments is 6mm (with the exception of properly constructed stairs and TGSI’s) and while there are a vast array of products being sold as Trip Prevention Devices, almost all of them fail this basic test. Until now there has been no one product that satisfied the 6mm threshold and was suitable for all floor surfaces. The Low Profile cable management system is the newest, most versatile cable cover available. 100% Australian made and owned. For more information go to

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