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Liability Q and A


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Are a general contractor’s liability insurance premiums based on what they pay sub-contractors?
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How can you get insurance for a rottweiler?
Popularity: 218

Do you need liability insurance for a wedding reception?
Popularity: 217

Do you need liability insurance for a cleaning service?
Popularity: 210

How much liability insurance does a cleaning business need?
Popularity: 205

What sort of liability insurance does one need for a sole-proprietor HVAC Repair business?
Popularity: 192

What insurance do you need for an auto repair business?
Popularity: 192

What liability insurance do you need for selling candles?
Popularity: 190

Why do you need liability insurance on land you do not use?
Popularity: 182

Is there a formula the insurance companies use to determine a pain and suffering settlement?
Popularity: 181

Where can you get liability insurance at a good price for a wedding reception?
Popularity: 168

Are contractor’s liability insurance policies only written if the policy holder also gets workmans’ comp insurance?
Popularity: 166

Where can you find liability coverage for an exotic pet?
Popularity: 165

If somebody has a 100K dollar net worth how much liability insurance do they need?
Popularity: 160

Where can you find liability insurance in Albany NY?
Popularity: 157

How do you find Commercial Liability providers?
Popularity: 157

Is there a scam or conspiracy to raise liability insurance rates?
Popularity: 155

Do private chefs need liability insurance?
Popularity: 154

What is the legal responsibility of insurance companies to be forthcoming about repairs?
Popularity: 153

How can you get inexpensive general liability insurance for a new General Cont Company that is less than a year old?
Popularity: 153

How can you get liability insurance for UL listed products?
Popularity: 153

What is the law on auto liability insurance in Tennessee?
Popularity: 150

Where can one buy liability insurance for a personal chef business in New Jersey?
Popularity: 147

Where can you get liability insurance quotes?
Popularity: 145

Do you need liability insurance for real estate you inherit along with other heirs?
Popularity: 143

Is workman’s comp necessary on top of professional liability insurance to teach exercise classes at a community center?
Popularity: 140

Where can you buy Utah liability insurance?
Popularity: 134

As an independent sub-contractor are you required to get professional liability insurance?
Popularity: 134

Must an organization provide a copy of liability insurance policy to its members?
Popularity: 134

Why do you need liability insurance?
Popularity: 131

Can you get an umbrella policy that will cover auto property and personal liability?
Popularity: 127

What kind of insurance does a self employed electrician need?
Popularity: 126

What is a ‘retroactive period’ in liability insurance?
Popularity: 126

Where can you get liability insurance on a tattoo and body piercing shop?
Popularity: 124

Do you need Liability Insurance to sell handmade Christmas ornaments which have pearls and different trimmings on them?
Popularity: 122

What is the highest sum insured given till date under a D and O policy?
Popularity: 120

Do you need Liability Insurance to sell other wholesalers goods on eBay or e-commerce sites?
Popularity: 115

How much insurance liability or malpractice should an EMS worker carry and what does it cost?
Popularity: 112

Are there companies that provide professional liability insurance specifically for life coaches?
Popularity: 112

What would be a recommended source for liability and personal property insurance for commercially rented all terrain vehicles?
Popularity: 108

How do you find good information on farm and ranch recreation liability insurance?
Popularity: 108

If your security officer uses deadly force that was not 100 percent warranted resulting in homicide will insurance pay the deceased’s family’s lawsuit?
Popularity: 107

How do you find the homeowners insurance carrier for someone whose animal injured you?
Popularity: 105

Who will write insurance for an in-home business of making soy candles and selling them at craft fairs?
Popularity: 104

Does NJ have a Consent to Rate form available for Commercial Auto and what is the procedure for filing it?
Popularity: 103

Does an insurance company have to pay diminished value after repairs on a liability claim?
Popularity: 103

Is there an insurance company writing contractors general liability at a reasonable rate in Nevada?
Popularity: 102

What exactly are general liability and professional liability premiums based on?
Popularity: 102

Does the England Basketball Association cover its coaches with liability insurance once they have received their national governing body certificates?
Popularity: 102 | Needs Answer

Where can you get quotes for General Liability for a national company that dispatches services for repair and maintenance pertaining to retail stores?
Popularity: 100

Are there carriers writing general liability for residential general contractors who do shingle roofing and vinyl siding and sub out their labour?
Popularity: 100

What is the average cost per year or month for a 5 million dollar liability policy for an equestrian business?
Popularity: 95

Will consulting to big corporations regarding lighting or electronic products require insurance?
Popularity: 93

Where can you find the insurance carrier of an exhibition in Connecticut?
Popularity: 92

Where can a local non-profit motorcycle group get liability insurance rates and minimum requirement advice in Pennsylvania?
Popularity: 90

In a vehicle accident with property damage whose insurance is responsible the driver’s or the owner’s?
Popularity: 90

How long after you close a retail store should you keep liability insurance?
Popularity: 89

If you own your own property and are planning to build yourself what kind of insurance is needed and where can you find it?
Popularity: 88

If you have 100k in assets and 100k worth of liability insurance wouldn’t somebody just be able to sue me for 200k?
Popularity: 88

What liability insurance would you need for a warehouse in a rose business?
Popularity: 88

Will liability insurance cover it if an employee sues the company and the manager if an employee gets hurt and says the manager was negligent?
Popularity: 86

What kind of insurance would a small one man roof leak repair operation in NJ need and how much would it cost?
Popularity: 85

Where could you get a million dollar per event public liability insurance policy for a jet-powered vehicle appearing at airshows?
Popularity: 82

How can a roofing contractor get affordable insurance with such a closed market in Oklahoma?
Popularity: 80

What type of insurance do you need in SC run a cleaning business?
Popularity: 80

What type of liability insurance is needed for a one man consulting operation?
Popularity: 79

Will liability insurance cover a bride and groom who serve alcohol at a reception that is not catered by a company with a liquor license?
Popularity: 72

Where do you find liability insurance for a small farmer who wants to custom spray for his neighbors gross income 7000 dollars?
Popularity: 67

What kind of liability insurance is available to private individuals not professional who conduct their own renovations in a co-op apartment?
Popularity: 66

How would a group of churches acting as one entity get liability coverage for a food pantry set up in a city owned building without incorporating?
Popularity: 65