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Liability Insurance for Personal Trainers

by Dave Collins on October 19, 2016

Liability Insurance for Personal Trainers

Those who work in fitness know how easy it is to pull a muscle, strain a ligament, or cause other bodily harm during a workout. Failing to warm up, pushing oneself too far, and numerous other exercise mistakes can put an athlete out of commission for a while.

When you work as a personal trainer, these common injuries and other injuries can put you at risk for lawsuits. Your clients may not wish to cause you or your business harm, but simply becoming injured may affect their own livelihood – and may leave them little choice but to file suit.

In these cases, and in many others, it is important to be insured. Public liability insurance allows you to continue training athletes without worry of a lawsuit. How does this work? Let’s take a look.

Public Liability Insurance

Personal trainers and other sports professionals can purchase public liability insurance for a few hundred dollars per year or less. Then, if an injury occurs during or because of a workout or training session (due to negligence), public liability insurance kicks in to cover the injury.

The insurance also covers legal fees, expenses, damages and any other costs associated with the incident. Additionally, public liability insurance will cover any accidents that occur. For example, were your client to knock over a weight set and damage your wall, public liability insurance may cover the expenses incurred due to the accident.

Other Benefits to Public Liability Insurance

In addition to the damages and legal coverage public liability insurance offers, the insurance can help you and your company establish yourself/itself as ethical, professional and serious. Clients will be assured that the personal trainer they choose is concerned with their well-being.

Also, the public liability insurance follows you: anywhere you go to train a client is covered by your personal liability insurance. So whether you are attending to a client in her home, at a club or on a sidewalk run through the city, you are insured from trip/fall and liability claims.

Your policy can also be written to your needs. If you need additional coverage for any reason, you can add on to your policy. Depending on your insurance, these add-ons could include slander, libel, wrongful invasion of privacy, bodily injury, failure to deliver services, and various other claims.

Most important, though, public liability insurance can protect your business. With lawsuits often running into tens of thousands of dollars or more, many small businesses cannot afford to pay for a lawsuit uninsured. These lawsuits can easily put a small business out of commission. By purchasing public liability insurance, personal trainers can be reassured that business will remain pumped up, even during a lawsuit.

With all of this in mind, it is important for personal trainers and others in the sports professional business to consider purchasing public liability insurance. Truly, the decision to insure can ensure a new business succeeds.

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