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Australian Standards

General Liability Information

by Dave Collins on November 22, 2016

GENERAL LIABILITY INFORMATION: Air Conditioning and Indoor Air Quality Airborne Debris Balustrades Car Parks CCTV Centre Vehicles Electrical Safety Entrances & Exits Escalators & Travelators Floors Surfaces Playgrounds GUIDE TO PUBLIC LIABILITY INCIDENT PREVENTION & MANAGEMENT: DISCLAIMER: This document is for general information only.  While it directs attention to and comments upon potential loss control […]

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Liability Claims Management

by Dave Collins on November 20, 2016

LIABILITY CLAIMS MANAGEMENT See case examples Public Liability Claims Manual This information is provided only as an example only and you should consult with your broker or Insurance company regarding their exact procedures: How an organisation responds to an incident will have a significant impact on the size of the potential loss. The full magnitude […]

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Free Public Liability Checklists

by Dave Collins on November 11, 2016

CHECKLISTS – Examples Please note that these are generic examples only and should be modified to suit your own unique circumstances. These free checklists are offered solely as a guide to assist management in its responsibility to provide a safer environment. The checklists are not intended to cover all possible hazardous conditions or unsafe acts […]

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Parking Stops and Speed Bumps – It’s Best to Be Aware

by Dave Collins on November 4, 2016

Wheel Stops and Speed Bumps – It’s Best to Be Aware By Kari Carson Be aware of the parking stop when you pull into a parking place, to insure that your car is not damaged. There are all sorts of issues that you can encounter with the strip of concrete or durable plastic that the […]

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Reasons for Staircase Collapse

by Dave Collins on October 13, 2016

Reasons for Staircase Collapse By Karen Whitehurst Many people consider their homes or office buildings to be places that are safe from forces that may cause injury. However, these structures can cause their own problems when integral parts become unreliable and fail to function as intended. One of the most dangerous situations that can arise […]

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Liability Standards

by Dave Collins on September 4, 2016

SOME RELEVANT LIABILITY STANDARDS ·       Building Code of Australia ·       AS1680 – 1998: Interior Lighting – Safe Movement ·       AS1680.1 – 1990: Interior Lighting – General Principles & Recommendations ·       AS1680.2.1 – 1993: Interior Lighting – Circulation Spaces & Other General Areas ·       AS1680.3 – 1991: Interior Lighting – Measurement, Calculation, & Presentation of Photometric […]

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