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Bad Hair Day at the Office – Insurance Tips for Salons

by Dave Collins on September 25, 2016

Bad Hair Day at the Office – Insurance Tips for Salons

By Oliver Matlock

Hairdressers and beauticians are a creative bunch. One of the less interesting aspects of running their salons is making sure their business is adequately insured, so it’s understandable that insurance is swept under the rug along with the hair trimmings. But a bad hair day for a salon owner could have far wider implications.

There are many hazards in a hairdressing salon which your business, your customers and your employees need to be protected against.

What might happen?

  • There are always plenty of cables lying around in a salon. Hairdryers, tongs and straighteners are just a few trips hazards.
  • Slips? No problem, those unswept hair clippings and water from the basin taps will do the job nicely!
  • Hot-hot-HOT! Chemical burns from perm solutions, tint and bleach mixtures. Scalds from hot water – is the temperature alright for YOU madam?
  • Cuts from sharp scissors, clippers and razors – never mind, you have two ears.
  • That hair product you sold me? I came out in a painful rash and it’s all YOUR fault!

If you’re a salon owner, I guarantee you’ll be faced with situations like this over the course of your career. The question is, when the client sues you, do you have insurance to protect you?

Public and Products Liability insurance protects you against claims of injury or property damage made against your salon. It could be treatments they had at your (or your employee’s) hands, or an accident whilst on your premises or a product you sold them before they left.

This is a very important insurance for a salon owner to have.

Tools and Equipment Insurance

It’s not only your clients who could spell disaster for your business. What would it cost to replace your professional hairdressing equipment? If you were burgled, or even if your equipment was damaged in an accident that’s out of your control, could you afford to replace it?

Tools and equipment insurance will cover those salon items and enable you to continue your business with the minimum of disruption.

Buildings, Contents & Stock Insurance

Do you own the building from which you run your business? If so, you should insure the building against risks such as storm, flood or accidental damage. The buildings and contents section of your salon insurance will make sure that you can afford to repair, re-stock and get back to normal.

Employer’s Liability Insurance

This is a legal requirement – no getting around this one if you employ staff in your salon. It will cover the other hairdressers in your employment, as well as any other staff (juniors, receptionists etc) against damage to their property or injury to themselves whilst working for you.

Business Interruption Insurance

A disaster, such as a flood, might not only cause damage to your building, equipment or stock. It might also require that you cease trading for a while to put things right. Can you afford to lose that income? Business interruption will reimburse you for loss of income until your business gets going again.

Every salon is different, so every salon insurance package can be tailored to suit you. Don’t put it off. Protect your salon and your business today.

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